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Say Goodbye Girls to California and Aloha to Hawaii
Elaine's Beautiful house Beautiful Elaine Keri's driving HOLD ON!!!!
Chinaman's Island Keri tried it on for size I think Sabrina is in love, kiss kiss
Statue at the Mormon Temple   Polynesian Cultural Center, the home of good look'n men Canoe Parade
Look at him go Ooh look at him now, What a cutie.
A very happy man Fire, fire Coconut Cracker The night show
Housekeeping Five very beautiful women The band at the Luau All the people at the Luau
Oooh, More Fire
Crazy men sitting on fire The very happy man with fire
Reenah's true tribal nature comes out   "Me and Jenny are like Peas and Carrots" "Eat Elaine, Eat" Good eat'n at Bubba Gumps Five beautiful woman again, and some poor soul we kidnapped for the week.  Hello Darrell.
The Dole Plantation.  7 min? No problem. We found one, How long has it been? Uh Oh I think were lost We made it, Ok so what if it took us an hour I think Reenah ate to many pineapples
Reenah's new found Friends Here's another new friend And two more I am not sure if they have all blocks coverd, hahaha Just incase we had to sue Ahis Resturant for food poisening.  Hope the cat is feeling better.
The Blow Hole A scene from Pearl Harbor was shot here
We loveloved this sign   Pearl Harbor Base USS Missouri side shot Front shot
I think Reenah needs a nap, Out to late again. Reenah trying to run the ship, What's new! Part of USS Arizona's Ship Memorial Wall
Another part of the ship Full shot of the USS Missouri Beautiful Moana Falls, watch your step